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10 Digital Signage Facts

10 Digital Signage Facts

Digital Signage systems have proved to be the most effective and actively developing marketing tool. Although some companies doubt whether to use these technologies, others already see results and additional opportunities to attract attention, increase sales, brand awareness and, of course, influence on buying decisions. Digital Signage systems are used today in modern stores and shopping centers, cafes and restaurants, cinemas and museums, banks and offices. Let’s get acquainted with statistics from around the world, helping to understand why Digital Signage allows to achieve high results.

1. More than a 3/4 of organizations consider using a variety of channels to promote their brand as a priority.

Digital Signage systems have become an indispensable part of multi-channel marketing campaigns. Digital displays and video walls are a canvas for an endless number of promotions, advertising and other content. With the help of Digital Signage, it is possible to form a link between online and offline promotion tools, leaving vivid impressions for the target audience.

2. 63% of people claim that Digital Signage attracts their attention.

The indicator of the effectiveness of digital signage and displays is much ahead of the performance indicators of television, the Internet and even advertising stands. There is no special secret: Retail chooses Digital Signage systems because of their low cost, flexibility, capabilities and high influence on buying activity.

3. 84% of UK retailers believe that digital signage and digital advertising significantly increase brand awareness.

Digital Signage is actually the “face” of the retailer. Digital signage introduces the target audience to the store or brand, increasing the company’s recognition. Compared to static messages, dynamic images are more visible and more effective in improving communication between the company and its customers.

4. Digital video attracts attention of 70% of the audience.

Digital Signage is interesting to customers because, as a rule, it provides them with interesting information and allows you to spend time in the queue. But what really makes Digital Signage a serious competitor to other channels of communication is the reach of the audience. For example, the social network Facebook or sites with online video do not reach and 45% of the contact audience. Digital signage allows you to convey information to 70% of the audience.

5. 42% of buyers prefer to shop in stores equipped with video displays.

The newest 4K Ultra HD video format significantly improves the image on video walls, allowing stores to switch to affordable and effective ways to inform their customers. Video walls leave an unforgettable impression for clients, they allow creating a unique atmosphere for them. Throughout the world, there are more and more amazing projects demonstrating how to use digital technologies correctly.

6. Digital Signage reduces the perceived waiting time in queues by 35%.

Entertaining content Digital Signage solves the problem of endless waiting by customers for their turn in stores, reception rooms, etc. Modern professional media players for Digital Signage allow you to manage content remotely, update it in seconds, play Live HDTV, news tapes, etc. Such opportunities turn Digital Signage into Effective professional marketing tool, allowing you to brighten up the waiting time for the customer.

7. About 30% of visitors consider digital menus and menu boards influencing purchasing power.

Dynamic and eye-catching digital menus actively replace obsolete, poorly visible and ineffective paper. Restaurants, mainly from the fast food sector, have long switched to the use of digital imaging tools, through which you can automatically and quickly submit menus and promotions in the right place and at the right time.

8. Half of the top 100 retail companies in the US are testing iBeacon.

iBeacon is a device for sending messages to the client’s smartphone via Bluetooth Low Energy technology when the user is in a certain radius. iBeacon extends the capabilities of Digital Signage, allowing you to send any personalized message to the client’s smartphone. In messages there can be a necessary marketing content: information about discounts, promotions, etc. All the messages you wanted to convey to customers are on their personal gadgets.

9. More than 60% of customer decisions are made at the point of sale.

Shops should not be afraid of such a modern trend as the inspection of goods without purchase. On the contrary, you should use this opportunity as often as possible, increasing the chance that the buyer will stay in the store for a long time, and his purchasing decision will be formed under the impression of a pleasant atmosphere and emotions created by digital technologies.

10. Digital Signage increases the sales figure by 31.8%.

Waiting in queues and a long search for the right products, comparing prices and determining the availability of goods make customers nervous and often refuse to buy. Using Digital Signage, stores can make the shopping process more comfortable and efficient. Digital Signage creates a pleasant atmosphere, with the help of the right content, increasing sales and the speed with which the buyer decides. This has been proven by a number of successful companies around the world.


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