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10 reasons to establish corporate TV in the office

10 reasons to establish corporate TV in the office

The use of Digital Signage technologies in the corporate sector is rapidly gaining popularity. Such an effective tool of corporate communications as domestic television is appreciated and actively used by many companies.

Why do we need corporate television? How to make it interesting for employees? What should I show my colleagues? Below are the answers to these questions and some useful tips:

1. Company Information

Values, mission and company structure – all this should be known to every employee of the company. But is it really so? Bring this information to colleagues, but not in the form of dry facts. Approach the task creatively and with humor. For example, use storytelling, talk about your company with a video clip with abstract characters.

2. Alternative to wall newspapers

Corporate television replaces print media. It significantly reduces not only the cost of printing, but also the time spent on the preparation and distribution of materials. Think about how to submit important information: reports in the form of infographic, management quotes from interviews, photo reports from events. Information should be easily assimilated, no one reads multi-page Talmud.

3. Getting to know your employees

Until now, there are companies in which employees sitting in neighboring offices do not know each other. Help them to get acquainted. Do you have a new employee on the team? Imagine it to others on your domestic television. Tell us what he will do, what his hobbies are, what successes he has achieved at his previous job and what will give your company. Congratulate colleagues on important events in life.

4. More interactive

Get a hashtag of your company and add the function of integrating corporate television with social networks. Then any of your employees will be able to add their photos to the screens of domestic television. You can also share interesting posts from social networks related to your company.

5. Informal communication

Do you have a championship between employees of the company on volleyball? Or is it planned to join a bowling alley? Or maybe you decided to hold a charity event? Make a bright poster and invite colleagues to participate!

6. Competitions

Do you conduct competitions between departments? Who showed the best results by the end of the month? Which department most often took part in the life of the company? You can divide the company into conditional teams and come up with your own scoring system, and then broadcast the results, inspiring colleagues for new exploits.

7. Event Schedule

Use corporate TV to place a schedule of booking meeting rooms. Establish special digital plates before the negotiation and place information on what activities and when they pass. This will simplify the booking process.

8. Feedback from your customers

Feedback from the client is the best estimate of your work. Place the customer’s comment about the work done on the screens in your office. This is a great way to express gratitude to the employees of the company.

9. Online book of complaints and suggestions

Do your employees send a lot of complaints and suggestions? Organize a special column, where the company’s management will respond to their appeals. Show employees that their opinion is important to the company.

10. News channel

Do not focus only on issues related to the company. Add messages from the outside world: sports news, cultural events, weather forecast, traffic jams, etc. Make your corporate TV a source of information.

Increase the motivation and degree of employee satisfaction, attract more people to corporate events, quickly deliver information to employees, reduce money and time, instill a special corporate spirit in employees – all this and much more can be done with the help of corporate television.

Why is corporate TV an excellent alternative to other corporate media? Because it is publicly available. To get information, team members will not need to use a computer or an application for a smartphone, just be in the office.


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