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100 Ideas for Digital Signage Content

100 Ideas for Digital Signage Content

If you use Digital Signage Digital Signage in your business, you know how difficult it is to find new and interesting ideas for the content they display. Searching in the network can take a lot of time and do not bring results, as well as the banal transfer of advertising content from flyers and advertising posters. Of course, you can stroll around and look for inspiration by looking at the Digital Signage content of other companies, but in this case it is worth remembering: that what suits the local pizzeria does not necessarily suit you and your business.

Below is a list of 100 ideas for content for digital information and advertising systems Digital Signage, which can be used as cheat sheets for various tasks. To make it easier to determine which content suits your business, the list is divided into separate subgroups.



  1. Inspirational quotes – they can be searched on Google, Goodreads or BrainyQuote. For a beautiful visualization of quotes, you can use Canva or Word Swag
  2. Content titles of the provided information
  3. Schematic map of your institution
  4. Opening Hours
  5. List of upcoming holidays, in which you will be closed
  6. Weather forecast
  7. Reviews / Feedbacks
  8. Press – the recent mention of your business in the press.
  9. Advertising – use your system to display the latest advertising materials – this will help to strengthen the process of promoting your brand

general digital signage content


Intra-corporate communication

  1. Motivating phrases – check out the Startup Vitamins for inspiration
  2. Inspiring quotes from your favorite entrepreneurs – again, go to Startup Vitamins
  3. Reminders
  4. Ads
  5. Upcoming corporate events – meetings outside the office, joint visits and other similar events
  6. Congratulations on your birthday
  7. Achievements – you can highlight noteworthy events: achieving some significant sales volume, obtaining financing, getting a profit, etc.
  8. Information about the company – interesting facts about your business
  9. Anniversaries – you can celebrate the anniversary of the first working day of the company, the first sale, the release of the first product, etc.
  10. Brief information about employees – this information will help colleagues to know each other better
  11. Employee Achievements
  12. The PPC diagram – or the key performance indicator chart is a schematic representation of the numerical performance indicators of your business. The diagram can be created using Geckoboard and then displayed on the display with the built-in browser
  13. Pages of your company on social networks – you can use the system to display official company pages in social networks. This will help in promoting your internal marketing strategy and will keep employees informed of news that the company shares with the world.
  14. Your competitor’s pages are an easy way to look after your competitors
  15. A news line related to your industry or business – you can use your system to display posts from social networks that are in any way related to your business or the industry in which you work. Thus, you will follow the popular trend today and “listen” to your customers
  16. Shared photos – a slide show of company employees’ photos will help to strengthen the corporate spirit. The slideshow should include both images of employees in the workplace, and from various events outside the office
  17. Industry news – use the system to display RSS feeds with news related to your field of activity



  1. Tips for maintaining health and good physical fitness
  2. News from the world of medicine – news RSS feeds
  3. Brief information about employees – with the help of Digital Signage you can quickly introduce your healthcare workers to patients. In the video you can specify any general information, as well as data on the experience and training of medical staff
  4. Advertise medications – use the system to advertise the drugs your employees work with
  5. Description of the procedures – if you have any kind of surgical or other medical procedures at your facility, you can use the system to display text, video and / or graphic content that will help patients understand what these procedures are
  6. “before” and “after” photos – if your institution has various cosmetic procedures, then you can use the Digital Signage system to display news feeds from Instagram or an ordinary slide show with photos before and after procedures.
  7. Queue waiting time – patients will be much more comfortable if they know when their time will be in the waiting line



  1. Product Information – Use the system to display detailed information about the products that you sell
  2. Upcoming discounts – everyone likes profitable offers
  3. Trends – use Digital Signage to play photos and video content with the latest trendy trends
  4. Style tips – give your customers a couple of new ideas
  5. Fashion shows – use the system to play back materials from the latest fashion shows in which your brand has been directly involved
  6. Brief information about fashion designers – if you are engaged in retailing designer clothes, then you could well acquaint buyers with the biography of fashion designers and their work


Beauty and spa centers

  1. Facilities and prices
  2. Product Demonstration – Use your system to play educational videos on the use of hair care products or cosmetic products that you sell
  3. Photos of your best works
  4. Brief information about stylists – use the system to get to know your customers with your stylists and their work
  5. Recommendations for various products
  6. Hair care tips – thanks to these tips, your customers will be able to maintain the beautiful appearance of their hairstyle even outside the salon
  7. Hair care tips – help your customers achieve truly healthy and thick hair
  8. Photos of clients from Instagram – ask your customers to post photos of their new (made in your salon) hairstyles in Instagram, using a specific hashtag, then simply display the newsfeed with the filter for this hashtag



  1. Menu – use the system to display an attractive and vibrant digital menu
  2. Quality photos of dishes served at your institution
  3. Call to action in Instagram (call-to-action – CTA) – food is very important in Instagram. Use your Digital Signage system to display the CTA page you created, which encourages guests to upload photos of your dishes in Instagram using a specific hashtag
  4. Instagram newsfeed with a hashtag filter – use your Digital Signage system to display the photos loaded into Instagram with the hashtag that you specified on the CTA page
  5. Video cooking – you do not have to disclose any secret recipes, but you can make a few short videos where your cooks will demonstrate their skills
  6. Brief information about the cooks – introduce your guests to the culinary craftsmen whose dishes they are currently enjoying
  7. Addresses of other restaurants in the network – if your establishment is part of a chain of restaurants, then you can easily identify the addresses and other restaurants that are part of this network
  8. Information about the nutritional value of food
  9. Information on allergens – your guests should know if any of the dishes contain common allergens
  10. Main menu dishes – use the system to display more detailed information about new or most exquisite items in your menu

digital signage restaurants



  1. Information about the bar at the hotel – there would be a desire, and there is an excuse
  2. Information about the hotel restaurant
  3. Information about the hotel’s pool
  4. Suggested amenities – your guests should be aware of the additional services that your hotel provides (eg spa treatments, laundry services, etc.)
  5. Information about nearby entertainment – turn your Digital Signage system into a digital concierge
  6. Information on the order of arrival and departure from the hotel
  7. Rules – use your system to display the main set of the most important rules accepted in your hotel. Then the staff will not have to repeat their guests again and again
  8. Information about upcoming events at the hotel
  9. Information about special events – if your hotel serves an event such as an exhibition or any convention, the system will provide guests with all the interesting information about the event
  10. Information about shuttles and transfers


Real Estate

  1. Lists of proposed properties
  2. Brief information about agents – use the system to present your real estate agents to clients, this will strengthen the trust relationship between them
  3. Advertising offered by your company services – will help motivate more people to use the services of your company
  4. Information about real estate open – use your system to display information about upcoming open shows of a sold property
  5. News of the real estate market – how are things on the market? Will it be right to buy / sell property right now? Use RSS feeds to broadcast the latest news of the real estate market
  6. Virtual sightseeing tours – you can use video materials and slideshows to conduct virtual sightseeing tours of the sold real estate



  1. Rules of behavior in emergency situations – the issue of security is of incredible importance on the territory of educational institutions. Therefore, students should know where to find help and how to behave in emergency situations
  2. Brief information about teachers – use your system to meet students with teachers and other school personnel
  3. Brief information about distinguished students – use your system to celebrate the merits of the most successful students
  4. Information about upcoming events
  5. Student circles – use your system to display information about the various clubs and clubs in the territory of your school, and any student will necessarily find something that he will like
  6. Suggested amenities – students and visitors should be aware of the facilities offered by the school. These facilities can include cafeterias, gyms, museums and more.
  7. Information about upcoming repairs – educational institutions are largely known for carrying out permanent alterations and repair of premises. Use your system to inform students and visitors of your school in advance
  8. References in the news – use your Digital Signage system to display your school’s positive mentions in the news
  9. Information about the deadline for delivery of works – the school year is very tightly tied to the timely implementation of various projects and study assignments. Do the students a favor, remind about the deadlines for the delivery of the most important projects and assignments
  10. Promotional materials – show applicants and their parents why they should choose your school
  11. Brief information on distinguished graduates – use the system to display information about the successes of the most successful graduates of your school
  12. Sports achievements – use your digital information system to display information about both earlier and recent sports achievements of your students
  13. Information about the institution – use Digital Signage to share with students some historical and simply interesting facts about your school
  14. Information on vacancies – you can also attach a description of the responsibilities and procedure for filing documents for employment
  15. Learning resources – students should be aware of the existence of useful learning resources, which may include an online learning portal, libraries, various electives, etc.



  1. Background images timed to coincide with those or other holidays
  2. Festive greetings – create, and use your system to display beautiful screensavers that congratulate you on the coming of this or that holiday
  3. Christmas fireplace – download a video of a burning fireplace and use the system to play it – this will turn your Digital Signage system into a virtual fireplace


Sports and Wellness Centers

  1. Tips for training
  2. Rules of conduct – use your system to occasionally friendily remind you of the rules of behavior in your fitness center and thereby prevent possible violations
  3. Training Schedule
  4. Motivational content – this content allows to increase the motivation of visitors to trainings. There are many examples of this on Pinterest
  5. Product Advertising – if your fitness center sells a product, or you cooperate with a brand, then you can use the displays of your digital system to promote them

digital signage gym



  1. Financial advice and recommendations
  2. Advertising products and services – tell customers about the products and services that your bank offers
  3. Exchange rates
  4. Financial or economic news – use RSS feeds to broadcast news from this field.


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