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6 Areas Where 4K UHD Digital Signage effective

6 Areas Where 4K UHD Digital Signage effective

During the last five years, the spread of 4K technology has significantly increased, and 4K devices themselves have become more accessible. As a result, we are seeing more and more 4K UHD products being used in the widest range of areas: Broadcasting (Broadcasting), Digital Signage, Corporate Meeting Rooms, and CCTV.

Nevertheless, despite the growing predominance of 4K technology, specialists are not tired of talking about the existing limitations of human vision and, as a result, raise certain questions about the validity of such a wide spread of it. Which areas will benefit most from the use of technology with such a high pixel density, and in what kind of situations can the use of 4K UHD be most effective? To answer these questions, let’s look at some of the latest developments using 4K in different signage market segments.

  • Broadcast Signage
    Fox Sports Network, for example, uses 4K cameras and teleplaying systems in football matches and other sports broadcasts, which provides a higher image quality than high definition television (HD), and also enables commentators to concentrate the audience’s attention on certain moments of the game without losing permission. Looking at the broadcast of sports on 4K-screens, you can not fail to pay attention to the unprecedentedly high quality of the image.
  • Digital Signage
    In the market of Digital Signage products there is a clear understanding that a single screen with 4K resolution provides a higher image quality than a 2 × 2 video wall with a thin inter-panel seam – and approximately for the same money, but without constructive and visual inconvenience. If we talk about large screens, then the video wall, consisting of 4K-displays, the number of inter-panel seams will be much smaller than that of HD-video walls of comparable sizes, which will best affect the perception of the image.
  • Corporate communications
    4K technology also finds its application in corporate meeting rooms. Some companies that replaced the park of their HD-projectors and monitors with new ones in 4K format, note a significant increase in the brightness, clarity and detail of the displayed images. Surfaces of 4K-screens, whether separate displays or arrays of video walls, allow simultaneous display of more data, provide enhanced image clarity in the field of corporate communications, such as videoconferencing, and also improve the quality of corporate work processes aimed at developing joint solutions.
  • Security and Safety
    High-definition images are nowhere more important in video surveillance systems, control centers, security monitoring and so on. Sharpness of the image allows you to monitor the relevant areas and rooms more efficiently. In connection with this, more and more developments for high-resolution video surveillance systems, Ultra HD cameras, are available on the market, which can provide the highest sharpness and sharpness of images to controllers. Thanks to 4K-compatible display processors and monitors, operators are able to view images without reducing the scale and significantly increase individual sections of images without loss of clarity. This allows for more effective monitoring, analysis of system resources, and quicker response to emerging potentially critical situations.
  • The Armed Forces and the Defense Complex
    Armed forces (and the defense complex in general) often need such sharpness of the picture and high resolution, which only 4K technology can provide. A single 8-megapixel (4K) monitor with multi-camera output system is perfectly suited for use in areas such as traffic control, ship navigation control, for aircraft control consoles, in mobile command centers, combat management centers and ground control centers for drones (UAV). A powerful processor will allow monitoring on a 4K-video wall in areas where continuous monitoring of the situation is required.
  • Healthcare
    Finally, the most obvious application of 4K technology is healthcare. To date, the images in the highest resolution help to make the right decisions in favor of this or that treatment for doctors and medical workers. The emergence of 4K-monitors, certified for the transmission of images in the field of medicine and for use in the operating room, has made a real revolution in the field of medical practice. New technologies can simultaneously visualize patient data, monitor vital functions, as well as data obtained in telemedicine (remote consulting for surgical operations, for example), all using a single monitor. Regardless of whether 4K monitors are used with multiple video cameras or video wall processors, they provide an 8-megapixel resolution capable of supporting the visualization of huge amounts of data and proper image clarity.


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