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7 main features of digital signage cloud solution

7 main features of digital signage cloud solution

Have you ever walked into a business establishment and noticed there are TV screens acting as perimeter billboards to advertise information to customers passing through? You most often notice these filling the same roles in the same places:

• inside restaurants or fast food chains as menu displays
• in gyms as sources of encouragement and fitness information
• at gas stations for fueling interaction (“Would you like a car wash today? Y/N”)
• in supermarkets to display advertisements

If you own a brick-and-mortar business of your own, chances are good that you noticed these, thought they were neat, and asked yourself at some point, “Would that go over well in my store?” Chances are also pretty good that the answer to that is a resounding, “Yes, yes it would.”

There’s no questioning the benefits of digital signage — they’re modular, quick to change, easy to maintain, and all-around more efficient than any of their alternatives. There’s a certain look and feel to a digital sign that grips peoples’ attention, appealing to our modern fascination with screens of all sizes and the for-granted impression that their content will be more interesting and relevant than what you’d otherwise find printed on banners and other fixed-content signs. Whether based on indoor TV signage or outdoor billboard displays, the impact of this technology goes without saying: “Our business is contemporary, and we’re successful because of it.”

If you’ve made the wise decision to use digital signage in or around your establishment, you’ll need digital signage software to make it tick optimally. In this article, we’re turning our attention to the our Digital Signage Cloud Solution – Signagecloud that offers a suite of features to maximize what and how your digital signs display their content in a matter of minutes. This works for outside billboards and bus-stop displays as well as indoor screen advertising and information displays, so all bases are covered.

You will be surprised how much you’re able to accomplish with the Signagecloud. Let’s check out the main features of the Signagecloud – SaaS Digital Signage provider:

  1. Adding Your Own Pictures to Signage Content

    Have you ever downloaded digital signage software that really skimped out on even just the simplest of features? Fortunately, that’s not an issue here — you’ll be able to insert your own image files to create just the right look.

  2. Insert Formatted Text of Your Choosing

    Another rather simple feature that we all take for granted these days is the ability to not only insert custom text, but pretty it up however we see fit. While other digital signage software tends to skimp out on this detail, Signagecloud relinquishes it to you without limitation or consequence.

  3. Digital Signage Layouts

    One of the great caveats of other similar types of software is that you’re oftentimes forced to create your display content from scratch. This isn’t always necessary and can be a tremendous waste of time to reconstitute the template by hand all over again. Signagecloud circumvents this issue entirely by offering pre-made screen layouts that get half of the footwork out of the way in a snap. See all our Digital Signage layout options here.

  4. Background Theme Control

    If you’re not feeling the vibe of the pre-made themes, you’re more than welcome to modify one yourself or start over anew with your imagination. You can change the color and style of the sign screen background to your taste, and you can also set it to a custom image for a more sophisticated visage.

  5. Dynamic Signage Screen Content Updates

    As the ins and outs of business would have it, the content displayed on your digital panels may need to be changed in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Why bother with the digital signage if you still have to handle all of this manually? This is why the Signagecloud offers dynamic updating to stay on top of the flow of traffic.

  6. Digital Signage Screen Management

    You can adjust variables such as slideshow timings and transition speeds in a matter of seconds using management settings. We like to think of it this way: If digital signs are all about automation and contemporary productivity, why should the relevant software shorthand you on those very benefits?

  7. Dashboard Access with FULL SIGNAGE EDITOR

    That’s right: You even get your own home screen to access options and switch things up as needed at any time. This base of operations brings everything together in one centralized location for easy content management and modification. Who thought you’d get so much out of Signagecloud?

Signagecloud as Digital Signage Cloud Solution – Is that the right one for our company?

Part of what makes our digital signage software so good is knowing that it can be freely improved and redistributed with more features than its original version carried. Asking whether it’s “right for you” is kind of a broad question — are you all about controlling what your software allows you to do with the digital signage that your business depends on?

As far as feature-packed goes, Signagecloud will do everything you’ve seen on the billboards and TV displays both indoors and out at restaurants, fitness centers, gas stations, bus stops, supermarkets and more.


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