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Advantages of using digital menu boards

Advantages of using digital menu boards

Digital menus are quickly introduced in a wide range of food establishments from fast food to first-class restaurants.

Digital menu boards can present the menu of your institution, several pages of a large menu or even a different menu for different time of day. This way you can set the screen to automatically display the breakfast menu in the morning, and then the lunch menu in the afternoon without much effort.

Another side that you can not help but consider is that on the screen there is an opportunity to reflect different types of media. On the digital advertising display, you can display snapshots and videos of your latest ad campaigns. If you decide to create a network of screens, then the possibilities of placing different content on the screen becomes much more: RSS feed, text and much more.

However, do not think that the digital menu is only for customers. Displays can also be used as another channel of communication with employees. Here you can share company news or use them to help with staff training.

The huge advantage of the digital signage of the menu in comparison with light boxes and printed materials is that the signage screen contents can be updated instantly from a USB flash drive or over the network, especially useful if you need to change the food value of a dish / information about calories. Printing the menu and the costs associated with the distribution will become a thing of the past when you go to the digital menu.

According to WAND Digital, the digital menu attracts 10 times more customer attention than traditional static light boxes.

Using motion / animation on the screen can entertain consumers, but even just launching multiple images in a slide show is the effective use of free space on the wall. The very name of the product – digital advertising signs – offers a potential source of income. Restaurants can sell advertising space to local businesses on their own displays, as well as display their own content.

Over time, the cost of digital signage decreases, and this technology is becoming more affordable. And, it is clear that the digital menus are an integral part of the future in the restaurant business.

Accounting for digital signage capabilities for the restaurant business and digital signage zones at times increases the efficiency from the introduction of this visual communication tool with the client.


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