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What is a Digital Signage Cloud?

What is a Digital Signage Cloud?

Digital Signage is a growing industry that takes the traditional concept of signs and flips it on its head. The large number of screens in today’s world are taken advantage of by using them to display content to customers.

Unlike a physical sign, this content can be in many formats, including video, image or even web with HTML. This new type of sign for the modern age can be found in places such as cafeterias, malls and kiosks. Essentially any place where content can be displayed with a digital screen is a possible fit for this technology.

Signage on the Cloud

If Digital Signs are signs displayed on devices, then what is a Digital Signage Cloud? Since the desired content is in a digital format, it means that it is created and stored with software. This is where the cloud comes in. It providesa way to manage all of your content and or devices so that you do not have to worry about setting everything up yourself. Common features may be content creation, screen organization and scheduling, creating playlists, and more.

How Digital Signage Cloud Works

There are two key aspects to what purpose a Digital Signage Cloud fills. The first is management of the content itself. The second is the organization of the physical devices in your network. This means connecting the content to your screens should be straightforward, with a simple way to suit your needs, whatever they may be.

Signage Content

Content is organized into sets called “playlists,” similar to music. Say, for example, that a university needs to place digital signs in their cafeteria. They wish to display a menu of the food they have, as well as advertise some events that are happening soon. At each food station, they have one or two screens. In this situation, the playlist of content would be a certain sequence of that content. Perhaps they want to display the menu, then an event that is happening soon, then a different event, and so on.

Digital Signage Solutions handle all of this functionality for you, with an interface for ease of use. Uploading videos or other content is made easier so that more focus can be given to how the content looks when displayed on screen. These cloud services may provide convenient tools to improve the look and feel of their customer’s signs. One tool could be to have a set of smooth transitions or effects that can be applied to the content. Another is to provide widgets such as a clock, the weather or recent social media posts. Lastly, many devices have different sizes and screen resolutions, so it is important to ensure that content is displayed uniformly across the network. Therefore, it is possible to preview content before sending it live to the screens to avoid any mishaps.

Digital Signage Devices

In terms of device management, Digital Signage Solutions offer a way to always be aware of what is happening with your devices. You can specify what content goes where, when you want it. Scheduling of your content can be completely customized for your own needs. Further, syncing screens in real time is a common requirement that a cloud service can give. Overall, obtaining the desired result and deploying content to the devices can be done with little to no effort.


Digital Signage Clouds can be the difference between having a successful digital sign campaign or not. They facilitate the process of creating, organizing and scheduling your content across an entire network of devices. This can be useful in a number of situations and locations, so choosing a good cloud service is important. It should make it easy to have high quality content and display it in a flexible way. Moreover, connecting to devices and publishing the content to be live is almost done for you. An intuitive interface is provided for all of this functionality, giving a powerful tool for your digital signage needs,


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