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Digital Signage Content Management

Digital Signage Content Management

Have you ever wanted more control over the content of your digital signs? Does your business have a network of digital signs to manage? If so, you should consider looking into a digital signage content management system. Digital signage content management systems provide the control and support you need to control the content of your digital signs.

Issues with Multiple Digital Displays

You know the frustration of dealing with scheduling digital displays. You have to time them just right or they contradict each other. You have to synchronize the message on each sign and make sure they are deployed at the same time. You have issues with power to one sign or the message is a bit “off”.

Understandably it can be time consuming to manually monitor each sign. It can also be quite costly in regards to labor and marketing. If you have a whole network of digital display signs across the country you might even run into travel costs.

Benefits of Digital Signage Content Management Systems

Your digital signage is what attracts people to your business. Being able to coordinate signage so that it reflects your business brand and message is priceless. Digital Signage Cloud systems take the guesswork out of how to manage your digital display content remotely. Digital Signage Cloud systems can help you remotely

• Monitor your digital signage network
• Customize the content of your digital signs
• Schedule your content to show at certain times
• Synchronize the content to show the same message

Types of Digital Signage

Digital content management is the process in which content is displayed and assimilated throughout the network. It is important for you to have the right tools to control your content. You need a content management system that works with you. In your selection of the content management system that will fit your digital signage needs there are three criteria you should look closely for when you make your selection. These are:

1. Compatibility with current content and data management systems
2. Accessibility and flexibility for digital signage network
3. Connectivity and ease of use for digital signage network

Your digital signage network may have a variety of computer applications that are running at the same time. You could also have different types of digital signs to connect to your network. The most popular types of digital signs are:

• Welcome Displays
• Informational Displays
• Digital Directory Displays
• Pricing Displays
• Point of Purchase Displays

Features of Digital Signage

Your digital signage can have animation and graphic features that make your message “pop” or a flash display that flashes your message at timed intervals. Content management systems provide you control over the features you want to have for your displays. You might want to:

• Customize your screen layout for content and graphics
• Have 3D, Flash and animation support
• Be able to control and interact with the digital screens
• Provide consistent digital advertising across your network
• Stagger the time that the message appears over your network
• Integrate live TV and data so your message is relevant to your audience
• Playback the message and edit it for clarity and clearness

Your content is important. Remote digital signage cloud content management software and systems can help you regain control over your message and brand. Remote content management systems also take the headache out of monitoring each digital sign manually. Digital sign content management will benefit your company’s bottom line in attracting new customers to your business.

To summarize, content management of your digital signage just makes logical sense. It is cost effective and draws customers to your site.


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