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Management and maintenance of videowall

Management and maintenance of videowall

Videowall is a single split screen, which consists of a number of video modules. Regardless of the technology, which is designed on the basis of video wall (video cube, seamless plasma panels and etc.), for its management using a dedicated controller. Thus it can be external or internal type type, that is, such that built directly into the wall.

Through video wall controller becomes the main advantage – picture cubes combined in a single information space. At the same time the work plane resolution used to output images, the signal which comes from a number of sources. It should be noted that a separate controller is designed for a specific video wall. Thus, it can be used to specify a certain number of information sources, as well as video modules.

Digital Signage Videowall Broadcasts

If the videowall broadcasts one source (in this case it should consist of the same number of modules horizontally and vertically, which are equipped with built-in controllers) or when each source transmits a signal to a video module, there is no need to use an expensive controller. The controller and the external switching simple configurations suitable for digital signage video walls that display one source (although one of the modules shows another source in a small scale).

Digital Signage Videowall

Like everything else high-tech equipment, videowall requires a certain service. At this stage, two main types of services: the front and rear (depending on the selected module). In the first case, the video wall to serve simply lift the module screen. This technology allows you to set the video cubes against a wall. If the design is equipped with a module with a rear service when installing a video wall, leave a gap to the wall at least 60 cm (to the engineer has access to items such as lamps, panel connections, air filter, which are the monitors ).


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