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Social Media Content and Digital Signage

Social Media Content and Digital Signage

It is very unlikely that you will not see digital advertisements for the whole day. Digital Signage is becoming an integral part of our lives. On the way to work, in the metro, in shops and even in hospitals, you can see digital displays.

Perhaps it will surprise someone, but in the promotion of a brand or product with the help of Digital Signage, a huge role can be played by content from social networks. But before we disassemble this aspect, let’s look at a small statistic:

  • 63% of Americans see digital advertising every day
  • Digital Signage attracts 4 times more views than static ads.

Thus, it is not surprising that revenues from print advertising in the next 4-5 years will decrease by 23.8%. Over the same period, Digital Signage will grow by 11%. Thus, considering that potential customers prefer spectacular, attention-grabbing digital advertising, brand promotion will be more effective, and sales will increase. According to research, thanks to Digital Signage:

  • brand promotion will increase by 48%
  • sales will increase by 33%.

This Digital Signage benefits does not end there. The presence of digital advertising allows:

  • increase the average purchase receipt by 29.5%
  • make 32.8% of customers permanent buyers.

Increasing the number of regular customers by a third is an important step forward for brand advertising. Moreover, 29% of people, viewing video advertising, make purchases, which they were not going to do.

The appeal to emotions, the formation of customer behavior and the promotion of brand loyalty are the cornerstones of Digital Signage While conventional content achieves these goals to some extent, there is a tool that can better play on the behavior and emotions of the user – social networks.

Social networks dominate many aspects of modern life, and the business world is no exception. 88% of B2B sellers and 76% of B2C-sellers actively use social networks to promote their brand on the Internet and in general for more serious successes in the digital world. However, most sales still occur offline, face to face and with the physical presence of both parties. For example, in retail, 92% of sales in the US occur in conventional stores. All this shows how much content social networks are important on the Internet and in real life, and how powerful a combination of social network content and offline sales can be.

Own and purchased signage content

Brand content and user-generated content together increase the brand’s appeal by 28%. Besides:

  • 84% of those who trust social networks believe more about the content created by the same users as themselves, rather than the brand
  • 68% of users believe in customer reviews, and 64% review reviews by professionals.

Most importantly, the user-generated content increases the conversion rate by 7% if it appears at the time of sale. Further sales growth of 13% and 18%, respectively, occurs if there are “likes” or user reviews.

Remembering this, one must understand that digital screens containing content from social networks should be at presentations, in shops, restaurants, hotels, on the streets and wherever possible. We know that Digital Signage increases sales and that buyers trust each other most of all, because the combination of these two winning formulas will lead to significant success.

How to make full use of social networks and user content?

We are at the crossroads of modern marketing terms, in an era when the boundaries between the two marketing disciplines are practically erased. Marketing in social networks is a powerful tool, especially if you combine it with Digital Signage. The factors that separate good marketing campaigns from gorgeous, vital.

The ability to customize a message to a specific audience by identifying the target audience is of paramount importance. The extent to which companies can adapt and learn to customize the message through social networks – depending on factors such as location, culture, demographics and time zone – is the main question. Software and content marketing is no longer a curiosity, but a reality that we have to face every day.


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