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Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors

Top 10 Digital Signage Vendors

A well-designed sign creates a positive attitude towards whatever is behind the sign. A customer may enter a shop just by looking at the well-decorated and professionally done sign. Signs speak a lot about a web page or business.

The more resources one put in making it will be equivalent to the input that it will bring in that business. Hiring a professional sign maker or getting your sign from digital signage vendors will help you to get the right signage for your needs. Here are the top 10 digital signage vendors that can help you to get the right digital sign.

1. Navori
Navori offers innovative technology which designed by a digital signage software. It has a broad range of products like the Navori QL manager that comes with a lot of advantages to the user. By using the Navori services, you will be able to cut your operation cost by 50 percent and get multi-user gadgets.

2. Acrelec
The company’s digital display, self-order kiosk, and drive-thru solutions have lead to the creation of technology that brings together both the digital and physical technology. Its digital platform is cloud-based to streamline all your operations hence lowering your cost of operation.

3. ComQi, Inc.
ComQi uses video, the web, social networks, and digital signage to influence consumers on their decision-making. The primary services of this company are system launch and management, content creation and ongoing support. All these services optimize communication hence engaging the customer more quickly.

4. Topaz Digital
Topaz digital takes pride in its ten years of service to its clients. All products from this company are “design-Led” to bring out a unique display on the TV screen. It has an extensive digital signage display to bring all your signage needs into one pack so that you do not get your services from several vendors. Content creation services and custom design software are some of the other services that Topaz digitally provides.

5. SignStix
SignStix is a cloud-based digital platform that enables its users to work on all it digital data with a lot of easy. It enhances customers’ engagement and brings a new experience to the business. With SignStix one can deploy content to the whole world just in a matter of seconds. It can be used in web portals, video walls, wayfinding, and corporate communication and much more.

6. Intel Corporation
Intel Corporation has both speed and accuracy in the services and products that it offers to its customers. With Intel, you can get the best compelling digital data and signage. It has lots of reputation including being the leading in silicon innovation.

7. Tripp Lite
Tripp Lite deals with a variety of displays and cable connections. You can use it either in a new project or when retrofitting the existing system. It includes products for DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI, VGA, HDBaseT and much more.

8. BrightSign
BrightSign is a complete digital signage solution. It has a worldwide signage marketplace; its products are easy to use, affordable, reliable, and of the latest technology.

9. Black Box
Black box provides all the services that you need for your digital signage. As a customer black box will give you software or hardware device loaded with digital data that is easy to set up and operate at no extra fee. It supplies splitters, scalers, converters, and AV extenders.

10. Meridian
Meridian is a complete digital signage solution, the professionals here specializes in engineering, design, assembly, fabrication, integration, deployment, and all digital signage solutions services.

The marketplace is flooded with digital signage vendors, but is currently the only provider for a Digital Signage solution as Cloud without external Digital Signage Software! Digital signage plays such an important role be it in shops, offices or on the web pages; they are the first point of contact with the client.


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