Digital Signage FAQ



What is Digital Signage?

Digital Signage is a digital display connected to a network that can be updated easily and remotely at any time. Marketing messages and important information can be displayed in private or public settings such as retail stores and other small businesses, healthcare and transportation facilities, corporate buildings, education and any other relevant venue.

Who can use Signagecloud?

Any municipality, organization or small business owner can use Signagecloud. Our digital signage cloud system is simply the most efficient way to keep people informed, advertise new products and deals and strengthen brand awareness in a physical location. Whether you have one or several screens in a single location or multiple screens at multiple locations, Signagecloud keeps it simple and easy to manage.

Is Signagecloud a software or hardware company?

Signagecloud focuses on developing a cloud-based (SaaS) software platform for digital signage broadcasting. You can use any hardware to display your signage messages.


How to Enable or Disable Full-Screen Mode in Chrome for Digital Signage?

The quickest way to open a full-screen Chrome window in the Windows OS is to hit the F11 key; use the same key to go back into normal screen mode.

Do you offer Android App for Digital Signage?

Yes, for all non-trial members, an Android app with full-screen and autoplay function is available for free in the members area.


Why do you give away a free trial digital signage subscription?

By using the free digital signage software trial subscription, you get to take advantage of the Signagecloud video messaging system without paying a thing. We are confident that once you see how much it improves your business marketing communications, you will feel comfortable subscribing and continue to use it – and getting even more capabilities in the process.

How much does it cost?

There are several service packages available. We show our recommendations of the services you can use along with the prices on our digital signage pricing page.

Do you have a reseller program?

No, we don’t have a reseller program.